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       libocc-config - OpenC++ libraries and headers retrieval.


       libocc-config [OPTION]...


       --help print this message

              print the version of OpenC++ library

       --libs print the linker flags that are necessary to link with libocc.a

              print C flags that are necessary when including OpenC++ headers

              use PREFIX instead of the installation prefix when computing the
              output for --libs

              use  EPREFIX  instead  of  the  installation  exec-prefix   when
              computing the output for --libs

              use DIR instead of the installation libdir of OpenC++ build when
              computing the output for --libs

       Instead of using ‘libocc-config’ you may want to  use  GNU  Libtool  to
       link  with  OpenC++ library. Libtool abstracts away from the details of
       linker switches,  it  also  takes  care  of  library  dependencies  and
       building shared libraries on many architectures.


       This manpage was generated by help2man from the output of libocc-config
       2.6, and then slightly edited by Yann Dirson <>