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       LHa - LZH un-archiver


       lha  key [ - ] {axelvudmcp} [ qvnfodizg012 ] [ w=<dir> ] archive_file [
       flie ... ]
       lha archive_file


       The lha program displays or extracts the contents of a LZH archive.

       For a list of commands,  please  refer  to  the  executable.   It  will
       display  a  list  of  valid  commands  and  modifiers  if  you omit any


              a Add(or replace) to archive

              x,e EXtract from archive

              l,v List / Verbose List

              u Update newer files to archive

              d Delete from archive

              m Move to archive (means ’ad’)

              c re-Construct new archive

              p Print to STDOUT from archive

              t Test file CRC in archive


              q quiet

              v verbose

              n not execute

              f force (over write at extract)

              t FILES are TEXT file

              o use LHarc compatible method (a/u)

              w=<dir> specify extract directory (x/e)

              d delete FILES after (a/u/c)

              i ignore directory path (x/e)

              z files not compress (a/u)

              g [Generic] format (for compatibility)

              0/1/2 header level (a/u)

              e TEXT code convert from/to EUC

              y filename multibyte convert


       This manpage is poor, it really should be improved, but the original is
       in Japanese.

       Try lha without any command line arguments to get help