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       leaf - Lightweight Editor of Ascii(and more) Files


       leaf [-d dictionary] [+n] [filename]


       leaf is a simple console text file editor, with paragraph word-wrapping
       and spell checking.  leaf is based on the text editor in the Cone mail
       reader and composer.  leaf opens filename, position the cursor on the
       first line, or line #n, if specified.

       This is not really the best editor for program sources.  leaf is meant
       to be used as a quick editor for writing short notes and memos. As text
       is typed, words will automatically flow to wrap within a typical
       80-character terminal display, even on larger display (due to leaf´s
       heritage as an editor for E-mail messages, which are traditionally
       formatted to fit an 80-character display). Word wrapping is "lazy":
       only long text lines are wrapped. Short text lines are not folded
       together. Individual paragraphs are separated by blank lines of text.
       Press CTRL-J to optimally rewrap the paragraph under the cursor. The
       bottom two lines on the screen list which keys to press for other

       The -d sets the name of the dictionary used for spell checking
       (overriding the default spell checking dictionary set by the DICTIONARY
       environment variable).  +n sets the initial cursor position to line #n.


       emacs(1), vi(1)

[FIXME: source]                   10/31/2009