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       ldrdf - link RDOFF objects and libraries produced by rdflib(1)


       ldrdf [-o output-file] object-file... [-llibrary...]


       ldrdf  is  a  version  of  unix  ld(1) (or DOS LINK) for use with RDOFF
       files.  It is capable of linking RDOFF objects, and libraries  produced
       with the rdflib(1) utility.

       Libraries  must be specified with their path as no search is performed.
       Modules in libraries are not linked to  the  program  unless  they  are
       referred to.


       -o output-file
              Specify   an  output  file.   The  default  output  filename  is

       -v     Increase verbosity level.   Currently  4  verbosity  levels  are
              available: default (which only prints error information), normal
              (which prints information about the produced object, -v), medium
              (which  prints  information  about what the program is doing, -v
              -v) and high (which prints all available information, -v -v -v).

       -p     Change alignment value to which multiple segments combigned into
              a single segment should be aligned (must be either 1, 2,  4,  8,
              16, 32 or 256; default is 16).


       Julian Hall <>.

       This manual page was written by Matej Vela <>.