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       lchfn - Change finger information


       lchfn [OPTION]... [user]


       Displays  and  allows changing information about user that is available
       using the finger(1) command (usually stored in  the  "gecos"  field  of

       If  the user argument is not provided, username of the invoking user is
       used; the user argument is  ignored  if  lchfn  is  run  set-uid  to  a
       different user.

       Entering an empty string (by pressing Enter) at a prompt is interpreted
       as accepting a default value; to erase an attribute (or to use an empty
       string as the attribute value), enter a single dot character.


       -i, --interactive
              Ask  all questions when connecting to the user database, even if
              default answers are set up in libuser configuration.


       The exit status is 0 on success, 1 on error.