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       latexdiff-vc - wrapper script that calls latexdiff for different
       versions of a file under version management (CVS, RCS or SVN)


       latexdiff-vc [ latexdiff-options ] [ latexdiff-vc-options ]  -r [rev1]
       [-r rev2]  file1.tex [ file2.tex ...]


       latexdiff-vc [ latexdiff-options ]  [ latexdiff-vc-options ][
       --postscript | --pdf ]  old.tex new.tex


       latexdiff-vc is a wrapper script that applies latexdiff to a file, or
       multiple files under version control (CVS or RCS), and optionally runs
       the sequence of "latex" and "dvips" or "pdflatex" commands necessary to
       produce pdf or postscript output of the difference tex file(s). It can
       also be applied to a pair of files to automatise the generation of
       difference file in postscript or pdf format.


       --rcs, --svn, or --cvs
           Set the version system.  If no version system is specified,
           latexdiff-vc will venture a guess.

           latexdiff-cvs and latexdiff-rcs are variants of latexdiff-vc which
           default to the respective versioning system. However, this default
           can still be overridden using the options above.

       -r, -r rev or --revision, --revision=rev
           Choose revision (under RCS, CVS or SVN). One or two -r options can
           be specified, and the resulting in different behaviour:

           latexdiff-vc -r file.tex ...
               compares file.tex with the most recent version checked into

           latexdiff-vc -r rev1 file.tex ...
               compares file.tex with revision rev1.

           latexdiff-vc -r rev1 -r rev2 file.tex ...
               compares revisions rev1 and rev2 of file.tex.

               Multiple files can be specified for all of the above options.
               All files must have the extension ".tex", though.

           latexdiff-vc  old.tex new.tex
               compares two files.

           The name of the difference file is generated automatically and
           reported to stdout.

       -d or --dir  -d path or --dir=path
           Rather than appending the string "diff" and optionally the version
           numbers given to the output-file, this will prepend a directory
           name "diff" to the original filename, creating the directory and
           subdirectories should they not exist already.  This is particularly
           useful in order to clone a complete directory hierarchy.
           Optionally, a pathname path can be specified, which is prepended
           instead of "diff".

       --ps or --postscript
           Generate postscript output from difference file.  This will run the
           sequence "latex; latex; dvips" on the difference file (do not use
           this option in the rare cases, where three "latex" commands are
           required if you care about correct referencing).  If the difference
           file contains a "\bibliography" tag, run the sequence "latex;
           bibtex; latex; latex; dvips".

           Generate pdf output from difference file using "pdflatex". This
           will run the sequence "pdflatex; pdflatex" on the difference file,
           or "pdflatex; bibtex; pdflatex; pdflatex" for files requiring

           Overwrite existing diff files without asking for confirmation.
           Default behaviour is to ask for confirmation before overwriting an
           existing difference file.

       --help or -h
           Show help text

           Show version number

       All other options are passed on to "latexdiff".




       latexdiff-vc uses external commands and is therefore limited to Unix-
       like systems. It also requires the RCS version control system and latex
       to be installed on the system.  Modules from Perl 5.8 or higher are


       Copyright (C) 2005 Frederik Tilmann

       This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it
       under the terms of the GNU General Public License Version 2
       Contributors: S Utcke, H Bruyninckx