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       lash_wrap - a small LASH wrapper for non-LASH apps


       lash_wrap [options] -- [commandline to start the wrapped app]


       Lash-Wrap  is  a  small  helper  application  that  serves as a "proxy"
       between an un-LASH’ified app and the LASH Audio Session Handler.

       Lash-Wrap enables automatic Jack and Alsa connection handling/restoring
       by  passing  the  wrapped  application’s Jack and Alsa id’s to the LASH
       server. Next time the  LASH  project  is  loaded  the  connections  are
       restored like when dealing with a native LASH client.

       Restoring  files/projects  is  also possible if the wrapped application
       has a command line option to load files/projects. The load  option  has
       to  be  given  when  the application is first brought to a LASH project
       with Lash-Wrap even though the file/project wouldn’t exist yet.  Saving
       has  to  be  done  manually in the wrapped app (this is a good thing to
       remember before closing the LASH  session).  To  imitate  a  real  LASH
       client  the project/file should be saved to the LASH project directory.


       -h [ --help ]
              produce help message

       -v [ --version ]
              show version

       -l [ --lash-name ] arg
              Set LASH client name.

       -j [ --jack-name ] arg
              Set jack client name.

       -a [ --alsa-name ] arg
              Set alsa seq client name.

       -i [ --alsa-id ] arg
              Set alsa seq client id.

       -d [ --jack-name-send-delay ] arg
              Set the delay time in seconds until the jack client name is sent
              after lash_wrap found a corresponding port (default 5(s)).

       -t [ --search-timeout ] arg
              Set  the  timeout  time  in  seconds  until  lash_ wrap gives up
              searching for the alsa seq id, alsa client name or  jack  client
              name (default 30(s)). Use -1 for no timeout.

       -s [ --shutdown-timeout ] arg
              Set  the  timeout  time  in  seconds  until  lash_ wrap gives up
              waiting for the guest process  to  stop.  First  it  is  sent  a
              SIGTERM,  then  the  shutdown-timeout  time  is  waited,  then a
              SIGKILL is sent (default 5(s)).

       -p [ --probe-client-names ]
              Try to probe startup  command  with  correct  Jack  and/or  Alsa
              client  names  and exit. Uses a search-timeout value of 10(s) by
              default.  Use -t option to alter timeout. Produces  a  lash_wrap
              command with the probed client names as an output.


       Starting a LASHified Ardour with a project file:
              lash_wrap  --jack-name  ardour  --alsa-name  ardour  --  ardour2

       Probing client names and  startup  command  for  Phasex  (produces  the
       command in the next example):
              lash_wrap --probe-client-names -- phasex

       Starting a LASHified Phasex using short option names:
              lash_wrap -l phasex  -j  "phasex"  -a  "PHASEX  Synthesizer"  --


       Copyright 2007 Florian Paul Schmidt (GPL v2)


       The   complete   documentation  can  be  found  from  the  README  file