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       lacheck - A consistency checker for LaTeX documents.


       lacheck filename [ .tex ]


       LaCheck  is  a general purpose consistency checker for LaTeX documents.
       It reads a LaTeX document and displays warning messages,  if  it  finds
       bad sequences. It should be noted, that the badness is very subjective.
       LaCheck is designed to help find common mistakes  in  LaTeX  documents,
       especially those made by beginners.

       The things checked are:

       Mismatched  groups  (braces),  environments  and  math mode delimiters.
       When a mismatch is found, line numbers for both start and  end  of  the
       mismatch  is  given. The error messages comes in pairs, one for the end
       match  and  one  for  the  beginning,  marked  with   `<-´   and   `->´

       Bad  spacing including missing a `\ ´ after an abbreviation, missing an
       `\@´ before a punctuation mark in a  paragraph  that  is  ended  by  an
       capital  letter,  double  spaces like `  ´, bad usage of ellipsis (like
       using ... instead of \ldots, or using \ldots  where  \cdots  should  be
       used),  missing      before  a  \cite  or  \ref  commands, space before
       footnotes, italic corrections before  comma,  point,  or  italic  text,
       italic  correction  after  normal  text, missing italic correction when
       switching from italic to normal text, and double italic correction.

       Badly placed punctuation marks around end of math mode delimiters. This
       is,  punctuation  placed  right  after  display math end or punctuation
       placed right before text math end.  Sequences of whitespace followed by
       punctuation marks are also caught.

       Bad  use  of  quotation  characters,  i.e.  constructs  like "´word" or
       "word`" are warned about, tabs in  verbatim  environments  are  caught,
       certain  TeX  primitives  are  frowned  upon,  attempts  to  give  font
       specifiers arguments such as \em{text} are noted, and use of @ in LaTeX
       macros are reported.

       LaCheck will read files that are input using \input or \include.  Files
       with suffix `.sty´ are omitted, as they probably will cause LaCheck  to

       LaCheck may be invoked from within Emacs(1) using compile:

       To  run:  M-x  compile  RET  lacheck  RET , and then C-x ‘ to parse the


       The output is UNIX-error like, and may be parsed using Emacs(1) compile
       mode. Here is a sample:

       lacheck compiler
       "/usr/mef/compiler.tex", line 34: missing `\\\\ ´ after "etc."
       "/usr/mef/compiler.tex", line 179: double space at " ~"
       "/usr/mef/compiler.tex", line 186: <- unmatched "}"
       "/usr/mef/compiler.tex", line 181: -> unmatched "$$"

       A  control space `\ ´ should be inserted at line 34, to prevent an end-
       of-sentence space.  Also, at line 179, the first space of the  sequence
       "  ~"  should  probably  be deleted.  The last two lines is an example,
       where the user mistyped, and probably inserted an extra "}"  somewhere.


       Some  special cases should be explained. In cases where a sentence ends
       with something that LaCheck thinks is an abbreviation an missing  `\  ´
       error may also occur, if the following sentence begins with a lowercase

       A mismatch error may cause more to follow, due to the chosen algorithm.
       In such cases just correct the first error and run LaCheck again

       Braces, environments and math mode must be balanced within a file.

       LaCheck  may be confused by unmatched stuff placed inside verbatim-like
       environments called something else than exactly `verbatim´.




       tex(1), emacs(1), latex(1)


       LaCheck gets confused by advanced macros, is fooled by  simple  macros,
       can’t  figure  out if you use a non-standard way to switch italic on or
       off, does not like TeX at all, does not provide any options to turn off
       specific warnings, and is at best a crude approximation.

       Ideas  for  improvements and bug reports are very welcome.  Such should
       be  directed  to  the  maintainers,  their  email  address   is   <auc->.


       Kresten Krab Thorup with modifications by Per Abrahamsen.