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       label3d - process a Raster3D scene containing labels


          label3d [-png  [outfile.png ]] < infile.r3d > outfile.png
          label3d  -tiff [outfile.tiff]  < infile.r3d > outfile.tiff

       label3d is a shell script that processes a Raster3D input file
       containing label descriptors (object types 10, 11, 12) into a TIFF or
       PNG (default) image containing both the molecular graphics image and
       the associated labels.

       label3d uses the Raster3D utilities r3dtops and render, and requires
       that both ghostscript and ImageMagick be installed.


       Scratch files are created in directory TMPDIR, if defined, otherwise in
       /usr/tmp.  Font sizes are scaled by the value of the environmental
       parameter FONTSCALE.  FONTSCALE defaults to 3.


       The whole nature of label handling in Raster3D is not yet settled.  It
       would be much nicer if all the label processing were taken care of by
       the render program itself.

       The script assumes that the image is being prepared for printing at 300
       dpi (r3dtops is called with -fontscale 3.0).

       Labels always appear on top of the molecular graphics image, even
       labels which should be occluded by a foreground object.


       web URL:

            Ethan A Merritt
            University of Washington, Seattle WA 98195


       render(l), r3dtops(l), raster3d(l), stereo3d(l)


        Ethan A Merritt.