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     kx - securely forward X conections


     kx [-l username] [-k] [-d] [-t] [-p port] [-P] host


     The kx program forwards an X connection from a remote client to a local
     screen through an authenticated and encrypted stream.  Options supported
     by kx:

     -l      Log in on the remote the host as user username.

     -k      Do not enable keep-alives on the TCP connections.

     -d      Do not fork. This is mainly useful for debugging.

     -t      Listen not only on a UNIX-domain socket but on a TCP socket as

     -p      Use the port port.

     -P      Force passive mode.

     This program is used by rxtelnet and rxterm and you should not need to
     run it directly.

     It connects to a kxd on the host host and then will relay the traffic
     from the remote X clients to the local server.  When started, it prints
     the display and Xauthority-file to be used on host host and then goes to
     the background, waiting for connections from the remote kxd.


     rxtelnet(1), rxterm(1), kxd(8)