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     kwalletcli_getpin - command line interface to pinentry


     kwalletcli_getpin [-q] [-E | -e errortext] [-b | -p prompt] [-t desctext]


     The kwalletcli_getpin utility is a shell wrapper speaking to pinentry
     using the Assuan protocol.  It will ask the user for a password and print
     it, without any trailing newline, to standard output.

     If PINENTRY is not empty but points to a non-existing or failing
     programme, pinentry is not called.  Instead, xmessage(1) is used for
     boolean queries if DISPLAY is set; otherwise, kwalletcli_getpin uses
     simple terminal I/O on GPG_TTY.

     The options are as follows:

     -b          Ask for a confirmation (boolean) instead of a passphrase.

     -E          Unset a previously set error text.

     -E errtxt   Set the error text to errtxt, displaying a dialogue box with
                 a red X icon indicating that this is a retry question.

     -p prompt   Set the small descriptive text shown in front of the input
                 field (“the Prompt”) to prompt.

     -q          Be more quiet.

     -t desctxt  Set the descriptive text (the input challenge) to desctxt.

     All input and output is assumed to be in UTF-8.


     The kwalletcli_getpin utility exits 0 on success, 1 if the password input
     was cancelled by the user, or >1 if an error occurred.  Confirmation
     (boolean) error codes are 0 for Yes, 1 for No, or >1 if an error


     DISPLAY      If not set, pass current terminal information to pinentry.

     GPG_TERM     Terminal type of the current tty.  Defaults to the value of
                  the environment variable TERM, or “vt100” if unset.

     GPG_TTY      The current terminal, determined by tty(1) if unset.

     LC_CTYPE     Passed to pinentry.  Default: “en_US.UTF-8”

     LC_MESSAGES  Passed to pinentry.  Unset by default.

     PINENTRY     The pinentry programme to use.  Default: “pinentry”


     gpg-agent(1), kwalletcli(1), pinentry(1), stty(1), tset(1), tty(1)


     kwalletcli_getpin was written by Thorsten Glaser 〈〉 mostly
     for tarent GmbH.