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       kupfer  -  Convenient  command  and  access  tool  for applications and


       kupfer [ OPTIONS | FILE ... ]
       kupfer-exec FILE ...


       Kupfer is a launcher; you typically use it to summon an application  or
       a  document  quickly  by  typing parts of its name. It can also do more
       than getting at something quickly:  there  are  different  plugins  for
       accessing more objects and running custom commands.

       Kupfer  is  written  using  Python and has a flexible architecture; the
       implementation is simple and makes the easy things work first. One goal
       is   that   new  plugins  can  be  written  quickly  without  too  much

       kupfer-exec is a helper script that can execute commands saved to file,
       but only by connecting to an already running instance of Kupfer.


       Running  kupfer  on the command line (without options) will try to show
       the program it if already running.

       If  the  keybinder  module  is  installed,  kupfer  will  listen  to  a
       keybinding. By default the keybinding is Ctrl+Space to show kupfer.

       Kupfer can be invoked with a list of files

           kupfer FILE ...

       This can be used to select files given as command-line arguments in the
       program. Then you can invoke actions even on objects from a shell-based

       You  may  also  pipe  text  to kupfer to pass it to a currently running
       instance of the program.


              Launch without presenting main interface

              Display a list of all installed plugins

              Enable more verbose  output  that  can  help  understanding  the
              program's operation.

       The following are generic options

       --help Display usage information

              Display version information


       Custom  plugins are added to kupfer by installing them to the directory
       ~/.local/share/kupfer/plugins, or any kupfer/plugins directory  in  any
       of $XDG_DATA_DIRS.


       If KUPFER_NO_CUSTOM_PLUGINS is set, only allow loading built-in plugins
       (installed in the program's python package).

       If KUPFER_NO_CACHE is set, do not load from  or  write  to  any  source
       cache files.


       Ulrik Sverdrup <>

                               17 September 2009