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       kredentials   -   KDE   system   tray  applet  to  monitor  and  update
       authentication tokens


       Kredentials  monitors  the  state  of  the  user’s  Kerberos  and   AFS
       authentication tokens.  It renews Kerberos tickets every hour up to the
       maximum renewable lifetime of the tickets and informs the user when the
       renewable   lifetime  is  reached.   Each  time  Kerberos  tickets  are
       obtained, aklog(1) is run to obtain new AFS tokens.


              Inform the user via a KDE "passive dialog" each time tickets are

              Don’t  run  aklog  to  get new AFS tokens when renewing Kerberos


       There aren’t really any major bugs, but the feature list can and should
       be expanded.  There should be more configurability.


       Kredentials was written by Noah Meyerhans <> for The
       Infrastructure Group  at  the  Massachusetts  Institute  of  Technology
       Computer  Science  and  Artificial Intelligence Lab.  Please report any
       problems to