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     rcp - copy file to and from remote machines


     rcp [-45FKpxz] [-P port] file1 file2
     rcp [-45FKprxz] [-P port] file... directory


     rcp copies files between machines. Each file argument is either a remote
     file name of the form “rname@rhost:path” or a local file (containing no
     colon or with a slash before the first colon).

     Supported options:

     -4, -5, -K, -F, -x, -z
             These options are passed on to rsh(1).

     -P port
             This will pass the option -p port to rsh(1).

     -p      Preserve file permissions.

     -r      Copy source directories recursively.


     rcp is implemented as a protocol on top of rsh(1), and thus requires a
     working rsh. If you intend to use Kerberos authentication, rsh needs to
     be Kerberos aware, else you may see more or less strange errors, such as
     "login incorrect", or "lost connection".


     The rcp utility first appeared in 4.2BSD. This version is derived from