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       kompare - a KDE GUI for viewing differences between files


       kompare [ generic-options ]
       kompare [ generic-options ] [ -c ] URL1 URL2
       kompare [ generic-options ] [ -o [ -n ]] diff
       kompare [ generic-options ] -b URL diff


       Kompare  is  a  graphical  user  interface  for viewing the differences
       between two files.  It will also optionally create a diff file.

       Depending upon what is passed on the command line, Kompare can  compare
       documents,  display  diff files and blend diff files back into original

       If an url is given as - then Kompare will read the  corresponding  file
       from standard input.  Thus (for instance) Kompare can be used as:

              cvs diff | kompare -o -

       This utility is part of the KDE Software Development Kit.


       Below are the kompare-specific options.  For a full summary of options,
       run kompare --help.

       -b URL diff
              Blends diff into URL.  diff is expected to be  diff  output  and
              URL  the file or folder that the diff output needs to be blended

       -c URL1 URL2
              Compares URL1 with URL2.  This is the default mode if  two  URLs
              are passed.

       -n     Used  with  -o  to  stop  Kompare from checking for the original

       -o diff
              Opens the given diff file.  This is the default mode if only one
              URL is passed.
              Kompare  will  check to see if it can find the original file(s).
              If it can, it will blend the  original  file(s)  into  the  diff
              output  and  show  the  result  in  the viewer.  Passing -n will
              disable this check.


       The original documentation from the  program  author  is  available  in


       Kompare  was  written  by  John  Firebaugh  <>,  Otto
       Bruggeman <> and others.
       This manual page was prepared by Ben Burton  <>  for  the
       Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others).

                                March 25, 2005