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       kmdr-editor - editor for the Kommander visual dialog building tool


       kmdr-editor [ generic-options ]


       Kommander  is  a visual dialog building tool whose primary objective is
       to create as much functionality as possible without using any scripting

       More specifically, Kommander is a set of tools that allow you to create
       dynamic GUI dialogs that generate, based on their  state,  a  piece  of
       text.   The piece of text can be a command line to a program, any piece
       of code, business documents  that  contain  a  lot  of  repititious  or
       templated  text  and  so  on.  The resulting generated text can then be
       executed as a  command  line  program  (hence  the  name  "Kommander"),
       written  to  a  file,  passed  to a script for extended processing, and
       literally anything else you can think of.  The best  part  of  it  all?
       You aren’t required to write a single line of code!

       This  editor  (kmdr-editor)  allows  you  to lay out your entire dialog
       through a graphical user interface.  Once a dialog has been created  by
       the  editor,  it  is  saved as a file with extension .kmdr.  The dialog
       that this XML file represents  can  then  be  run  instantly  with  the
       executor (kmdr-executor).

       This application is part of the official KDE web development module.


       For a full summary of options, run kmdr-editor --help.


       extractkmdr(1),    kmdr-executor(1),    kmdr-plugins(1),    kmdr2po(1),

       Full user documentation is available through the KDE Help Centre.   You
       can  also enter the URL help:/kommander/ directly into konqueror or you
       can run ‘khelpcenter help:/kommander/’ from the command-line.

       If the KDE Help Centre is  not  installed  then  you  can  install  the
       package  kdewebdev-doc-html  and read this documentation in HTML format
       from /usr/share/doc/kde/HTML/en/kommander/.


       Kommander was written by Marc Britton  <>,  Eric
       Laffoon   <>,  Michal  Rudolf  <>,
       Andras Mantia <> and Trolltech.
       This manual page was prepared by Ben Burton  <>  for  the
       Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others).

                                March 25, 2005