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       Klear - DVB TV viewer and harddisk recorder for KDE


       Klear is a DVB TV viewer and harddiskrecorder for KDE.

       It  supports  MPEG  TS und PS recording via live and scheduled mode and
       can use different media backends for playback.  It  also  includes  DVB
       tuner  for  DVB-S, DVB-C and DVB-T. It includes EPG and Teletext. Klear
       supports almost all DVB hardware running with Linux  (including  budget



       Configuration file for the channels in t/c/s-zap compatible format. Use
       "scan" to create a compatible  file  or  fetch  an  existing  one  from


       General  configuration  file  for klear, will be automatically createtd
       for you with the first start


       [ a ]     show about-dialog

       [ c ]     show configure-dialog

       [ d ]     toggle deinterlacing filter

       [ e ]     start EPG window

       [ f ]     switch to fullscreen (toggle)

       [ i ]     show channel information (with OSD)

       [ m ]     toggle minimal mode (switch menu on/off)

       [ q ]     quit klear

       [ r ]     start live recording

       [ s ]     take screenshot (options can be set in options dialog)

       [ t ]     start timeshifting

       [ v ]     mute volume (toggle)

       [ PAGE_UP ]    switch up a channel

       [ PAGE_DOWN]   switch down a channel


       Marco Kraus (maintainer) <>

       Omar El-Dakhloul <>

       Manuel Habermann <>

       Patric Sherif <>

       Please see for Documentation, FAQ, features  list,
       screenshots, mailinglists, and all other stuff you search here ;-)