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       kitsune - Program to solve mathematical problems


       Kitsune  is  a  software  aiming  at  solving digit problem of a famous
       television game show called "Countdown" in England and "Les chiffres et
       les lettres" in France.


       kitsune [options]


       -h or --help : displays help.

       -c or --compte : resolve a particular problem with text interface.

       -r or --renard : a secret option, but it’s not really secret because it
       appears in the man file.

       -s or --stats : to make statistics.

       If no options are used, kitsune will be launched in normal  mode,  with
       the GUI

kitsune v2.0 (05.27.07) for linux -MAYi2007 by Julien Lemoine and SiKITSUNE(1)t <>