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       khmerconverter - convert between legacy Khmer encodings and Unicode


       khmerconverter [OPTION] input [output]
       khmerconverter [OPTION]


       Font  encoding  converter  for Khmer text.  Converts between legacy and
       Unicode in both directions.  Currently supported file formats are:

              Plain Text OpenOffice writer document HTML


              show program’s version number and exit

       -h, --help
              show this help message and exit

       -l, --list
              list all supported fonts

       -c, --codec
              list all supported codecs for text files

       -o, --oldfont
              convert from unicode to old fonts (legacy)

       -e codec, --encoding=codec
              codec for the input file, default is ’cp1252’

       -f fontname, --font=fontname
              fontname for output encoding, default is ’abc-zwsp’

       -s value, --size=value
              force the program to use specific size for khmer font

       -t, --timer
              print the needed time for the conversion


       Written by Hok Kakada, Keo Sophon, San Titvirak, Seth Chanratha.


       Copyright © 2006 The WordForge Foundation.
       This is free software. You may redistribute  copies  of  it  under  the
       terms     of     the     GNU     Lesser    General    Public    License
       <>.  There is NO WARRANTY, to  the
       extent permitted by law.