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       kdissert - A tool for document creation using mindmap trees


       kdissert [Qt-options] [KDE-options] [URL]


       kdissert  is  a mindmapping tool for supporting the creation of complex
       documents:  dissertations,  theses,  presentations,  and  reports.   It
       supports  pictures  and  features  several  document  generators: LaTeX
       reports, LaTeX slides (based on  Prosper  and  Beamer),
       documents, HTML, and plain text.

       A  mindmap  is  a  multicolored  and image centered radial diagram that
       represents semantic or other connections between  portions  of  learned
       material.   For example, it can graphically illustrate the structure of
       a thesis outline, a project plan, or the government institutions  in  a
       state.    Mindmaps   have   many   applications  in  personal,  family,
       educational, and  business  situations.   Possibilities  include  note-
       taking,  brainstorming, summarizing, revising and general clarifying of

       Though this application shares some similarities  with  general-purpose
       mindmapping tools like FreeMind or Vym, the very first goal of kdissert
       is to create general-purpose documents, not mindmaps.

       Home page:


       URL    Document to open

       -g <name>
              Generator name

       -p <file>
              Destination folder

   Generic options:
       --help Show help about options

              Show Qt specific options

              Show KDE specific options

              Show all options

              Show author information

       -v, --version
              Show version information

              Show license information

       --     End of options

   KDE options:
       --caption <caption>
              Use ’caption’ as name in the titlebar

       --icon <icon>
              Use ’icon’ as the application icon

       --miniicon <icon>
              Use ’icon’ as the icon in the titlebar

       --config <filename>
              Use alternative configuration file

       --dcopserver <server>
              Use the DCOP Server specified by ’server’

              Disable crash handler, to get core dumps

              Waits for a WM_NET compatible windowmanager

       --style <style>
              sets the application GUI style

       --geometry <geometry>
              sets the client geometry of the main widget - see man X for  the
              argument format

   Qt options:
       --display <displayname>
              Use the X-server display ’displayname’

       --session <sessionId>
              Restore the application for the given ’sessionId’

       --cmap Causes  the  application  to  install  a private color map on an
              8-bit display

       --ncols <count>
              Limits the number of colors allocated in the color  cube  on  an
              8-bit    display,    if    the    application   is   using   the
              QApplication::ManyColor color specification

              tells Qt to never grab the mouse or the keyboard

              running under a debugger can  cause  an  implicit  -nograb,  use
              -dograb to override

       --sync switches to synchronous mode for debugging

       --fn, --font <fontname>
              defines the application font

       --bg, --background <color>
              sets  the  default  background  color and an application palette
              (light and dark shades are calculated)

       --fg, --foreground <color>
              sets the default foreground color

       --btn, --button <color>
              sets the default button color

       --name <name>
              sets the application name

       --title <title>
              sets the application title (caption)

       --visual TrueColor
              forces the application to use a TrueColor  visual  on  an  8-bit

       --inputstyle <inputstyle>
              sets  XIM  (X  Input  Method)  input  style. Possible values are
              onthespot, overthespot, offthespot and root

       --im <XIM server>
              set XIM server

              disable XIM

              mirrors the whole layout of widgets


       Full user documentation is available through the KDE Help Center.   You
       can  also  enter the URL help:/kdissert/ directly into konqueror or you
       can run ‘khelpcenter help:/kdissert/’ from the command-line.


       Thomas Nagy <tnagy2^>