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       kdeinit - KDE process launcher


       kdeinit [options]


       kdeinit is a process launcher similar to init used for booting UNIX.

       kdeinit  is  used  to start all other KDE programs. It can start binary
       program files as well as kdeinit loadable modules (KLMs).

       When  kdeinit  starts  for  the  first  time  it  launches  dcopserver,
       klauncher,  kded  and some additional programs specified on its command
       line in the startkde script (normally kcminit and knotify).

       The kdeinit master process can be used to start additional KDE programs
       via kdeinit_wrapper, kshell and kwrapper.

       KLMs  are  dynamic  libraries that work like binary programs but can be
       started more efficiently.  Starting KLMs via kdeinit is much faster and
       more memory efficient because kdeinit is linked against all libraries a
       standard KDE application needs. To start a KLM kdeinit forks and  loads
       the dynamic library.


              Do not start kded

              Terminate when no KDE applications are left running


              directory with KLMs (kdeinit loadable modules)


       dcopserver(1), kded(1), kcminit(1),
       kdeinit_wrapper(1), klauncher(1), kshell(1),  kwrapper(1), startkde(1)


       Waldo Bastian <>
       Mario Weilguni <>
       Lubos Lunak <>

       Please use to report bugs, do not mail the  authors

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       <> for the Debian Project (but  may  be  used  by
       others).  Permission  is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this
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       or any later version published by the Free Software Foundation.

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