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       kcollectd - view collectd datacollections




       Kcollectd   is   a   small   applications   that  allows  to  view  rrd
       datacollections that have been created by collectd(1).

       It is quite limited, but allows to zoom and scroll around  and  has  an
       automatic  update  and follow mode, which makes it some kind of status-

       At the left side of the window is a tree, that  lists  all  collectd(1)
       datasources  that  kcollectd  has  found. You can select one or more of
       them with the mouse.

       At the right the selected datasources are shown as graph. You can  move
       the  graph  to the left or right with the mouse und zoom in or out with
       the mousewheel or the zoombuttons.

       At the lower left there is a auto-update-button that allows  to  switch
       kcollectd into the update-and-follow-mode. In this mode the graph still
       can be zoomed, but always displays now near the right edge and can  not
       be scrolled any more.


       kcollectd was written by M G Berberich.

       This  manual  page  was  written  by  M  G Berberich <berberic@fmi.uni->.


       collectd(1) rrdtool(1)

                                9 February 2009