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       katedec - decodes Kate streams to a textual description


       katedec [-hVv] [-o outfile] [-t type] [ infile ]


       katedec  decodes Kate streams to libkate’s custom description language.


       -h     Show command line help.

       -V     Show version information.

       -v     Increase verbosity.

       -o outfile
              Write the output description file to the given file name (writes
              to  stdout  if  not  specified).   It  is  possible  to write to
              multiple files (eg, if the input contains several Kate  streams)
              by  passing  printf  style  formatting  tags  in  the  filename.
              Formatting tags are  strings  starting  with  a  ’%’  character,
              followed by the tag itself. Known tags are:
                %    replaced by a verbatim % character
                l    replaced by the stream language
                c    replaced by the stream category
                s     replaced  by  the  stream  serial number, in hexadecimal
                i    replaced by the index of the stream in  the  input  file,
              starting from 0

       -t type
              Set the output format type:
                  kate: Kate description format
                  srt: SubRip format (non text information will be lost)


       Decodes a Kate stream to a textual description:

           katedec -o output.kate input.ogg

       Decodes several multiplexed Kate streams to SubRip files:

           katedec -t srt -o output.%l.kate input.ogg


       kateenc(1), katalyzer(1)