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       kadu - instant messenger for Gadu-Gadu protocol




       Gadu-Gadu  is  very popular instant messenger for MS Windows in Poland.
       kadu is Gadu-Gadu’s client for Unix-like  systems.  The  most  complete
       documentations  of  kadu  and  related modules is at the project’s home
       page at:


       On startup kadu chacks if $CONFIG_DIR variable is  set.  If  not,  kadu
       will  use  default  directory  (which  is  $HOME/.kadu)  to  store it’s
       configuration files. However, one may wish to run another  instance  of
       kadu,  for  different Gadu-Gadu account, on the same system account. In
       such case, one needs to set $CONFIG_DIR so it points to  the  directory
       that is supposed to hold configuration files for the other account.


       kadu was written by Kadu Team (see /usr/share/kadu/doc/AUTHORS file for

       Copyright (C) 2007, 2008 Patryk Cisek <>

       This manual page was written by Patryk Cisek  <>,  for
       the  Debian  project (but may be used by others). It may be distributed
       under the terms of GPL license version 2,  or  (at  your  opinion)  any
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