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       kabikaboo - recursive writing assistant


       kabikaboo [FILE]...


       kabikaboo is a tree branching text organizer. It is meant to be used to
       help aid in the writing of novels or other large documents. A recursive
       viewing feature allows one to see any section of the tree.

       You  can  see  an  overview of all the children or grandchildren of any
       given node in the tree, for reference. Each  text  node  can  have  any
       arrangement  of  children,  and the nodes can be moved around freely. A
       tabbed notebook allows users to keep track of the most recently  opened
       nodes, easing movement within a large tree.

       This  tree-based note pad could be used for any purposes - not only for
       novels. It could be used  to  plan  a  technical  manual,  todo  lists,
       anything   that   would  benefit  from  tree-based  text  organization.
       Kabikaboo is not meant to actually write a document -  you  should  use
       AbiWord/OpenOffice/LaTeX or some other editor for that purpose..

       Free  and  open  source,  created with Python, PyGTK, Geany, Glade.  SH
       OPTIONS No options available.


              The user’s saved settings file.  Includes last opened file, last
              directory,  window  size,  viewing  preferencs, and more.  It is
              autogenerated upon running.


       If you find a bug, please run kabikaboo from  command  line,  reproduce
       the bug, and report the output errors to:


       Dave Kerr <>