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       jMetaPost - a patched version of MetaPost which supports Japanese


       jmpost [OPTION]... [MPNAME[.mp]] [COMMANDS]
       jmpost [OPTION]... RST-LINE
       jmpost [OPTION]... &MEM ARGS


              Run  jMetaPost  on  MPNAME,  usually  creating  MPNAME.NNN  (and
              perhaps  MPNAME.tfm),  where  NNN  are  the  character   numbers
              generated.   Any  remaining  COMMANDS are processed as jMetaPost
              input, after MPNAME is read.  If the first  line  of  MPNAME  is
              %&MEM,  and  MEM  is  an  existing  .mem  file, use it. Else use
              ‘NAME.mem’, where NAME is  the  program  invocation  name,  most
              commonly ‘jmpost’.

              Alternatively,  if  the  first non-option argument begins with a
              backslash, interpret all  non-option  arguments  as  a  line  of
              jMetaPost input.

              Alternatively, if the first non-option argument begins with a &,
              the next word is taken as the MEM to read, overriding all  else.
              Any remaining arguments are processed as above.

              If no arguments or options are specified, prompt for input.

       -file-line-error-style    print  file:line:error  style  messages  -ini
       be inijmpost, for dumping mems; this is implicitly

              true if the program name is ‘inijmpost’

       -interaction=STRING              set          interaction          mode


       -jobname=STRING           set  the  job  name  to  STRING -kanji=STRING
       set  Japanese  encoding  (STRING=euc|jis|sjis)   -kpathsea-debug=NUMBER
       set path searching debugging flags according to

              the bits of NUMBER

       -mem=MEMNAME              use  MEMNAME  instead of program name or a %&
       line -output-directory=DIR    use DIR as the directory to  write  files
       to  -progname=STRING          set  program  (and  mem)  name  to STRING
       -parse-first-line        parse of the first  line  of  the  input  file
       -recorder                  enable   filename  recorder  -tex=TEXPROGRAM
       use TEXPROGRAM for text labels.  -translate-file=TCXNAME  use  the  TCX
       file  TCXNAME  -T, -troff               set the prologues variable, use
       ‘makempx -troff-help                    display this  help  and  exit
       -version                 output version information and exit


       Email bug reports to

       kpathsea  version 3.5.6 Copyright (C) 1997-2004 AT&T Bell Laboratories.
       Kpathsea is copyright (C)  1999-2004  Free  Software  Foundation,  Inc.
       There  is  NO  warranty.   You may redistribute this software under the
       terms of the pTeX copyright.  For more information about these matters,
       see the file named COPYING of pTeX.

       Note:  jMetaPost  is built using Web2C, and Web2C is licensed under the
       GNU General Public Licence.  For more information, see the  file  named
       COPYING of Web2C.


       The full documentation for jMetaPost is maintained as a Texinfo manual.
       If the info and jMetaPost programs are properly installed at your site,
       the command

              info jMetaPost

       should give you access to the complete manual.

jMetaPost 0.641-0.04 (EUC) (Web2CDecember 2007                    JMETAPOST(1)