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       jigdo-mirror - Maintain a mirror of images offered with jigdo


       jigdo-mirror [ config-file ]


       See jigdo-file(1) for an introduction to Jigsaw Download.

       jigdo-mirror  is  a script intended for people who want to offer direct
       HTTP or FTP downloads of files for which only the  jigdo  and  template
       files are available.

       As  the  first  step  of  using jigdo-mirror, you need to set up normal
       HTTP/FTP/rsync mirroring both of the ‘.jigdo’/‘.template’ files and  of
       the  parts  that  are  needed for the reconstruction of the images. For
       example, in the case that you want to  mirror  Debian  CD  images  with
       jigdo-mirror, you need a mirror of the ‘.jigdo’/‘.template’ files and a
       Debian mirror on the local machine.

       At regular intervals (preferably immediately after the normal mirroring
       has finished), schedule a run of jigdo-mirror. It will search through a
       given directory for any ‘.jigdo’ files and attempt to create all images
       offered by each file.

       The  script requires you to set a number of variables - please refer to
       the start of /usr/bin/jigdo-mirror for a description of each  of  them.
       Since  /usr/bin/jigdo-mirror  will  be overwritten whenever you upgrade
       jigdo-mirror, it is highly  recommended  not  to  change  the  settings
       directly  in this script. Instead, personal settings should be saved in
       a file called .jigdo-mirror in your home directory, or in  a  different
       file  whose  name  is then passed to the script as its first (and only)
       command line argument.


       jigdo-file(1), jigdo-lite(1)

       CD  images  for   Debian   Linux   can   be   downloaded   with   jigdo


       Jigsaw  Download <URL:> was written by Richard
       Atterer <jigdo>, to make downloading of CD ROM  images  for
       the Debian Linux distribution more convenient.

                                  19 May 2006