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       Javahelper  -  Part  of  the  Java  Helper packaging tools Refer to the
       tutorials in /usr/share/doc/javahelper for more detail


       jh_makepkg [options]


       -h --help: show this text

       -V --version: show the version

       -p<name> --package=<name>: Set the name of  the  package  (defaults  to
              directory name without version)

       -m<name>  --maintainer=<name>:  Set  the  maintainer  name (defaults to
              DEBFULLNAME, NAME, or the user's full name)

       -e<email>  --email=<email>:  Set  the  maintainer  email  (defaults  to
              DEBEMAIL EMAIL or user@host)

       -v<version> --upstream=<version>: Set the upstream version (defaults to
              the directory name after a -)

       -c --clean: Tidy up common problems with Java source packages.  Removes
              .class,  .jar  files and pre-built javadoc trees before creating
              the orig.tar.gz

              Pick One: -l --library: This is a library package -a --app: This
              is  an application package Pick One: -t --ant: Build with ant -k
              --makefiles: Build with make -n --none: Create  own  buildsystem
              Pick  One:  -5  --sun5: Build with Sun Java 1.5 (package must be
              contrib) -6 --sun6: Build with Sun Java <1.6  (package  must  be
              contrib)  -g  --gcj:  Build  with  gcj  -d --default: Build with
              default free compiler -o --openjdk: Build with OpenJDK 6

   Environment Variables:
              DEBEMAIL:  Default  maintainer  email  address  EMAIL:   Default
              maintainer  email  address  DEBFULLNAME: Default maintainer name
              NAME: Default maintainer name