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       jh_compilefeatures - Compiles eclipse features using pde-build.


       jh_compilefeatures [debhelperoptions] [options] [--pde-build-dir=dir]


       jh_compilefeatures is a javahelper program that handles compiling
       features using pde-build. These features can be specified either in
       debian/eclipse.features or via command-line.

       jh_compilefeatures uses debhelper behind the scenes and are therefore
       subject to the compat level (e.g. when parsing the eclipse.features

       When specifying the dependencies for a feature, jh_compilefeatures will
       see if this feature has just been compiled and will use the dependency
       if it is among the results. This can be used together with

       Dependencies are always resolved by first checking if it is a recently
       built feature and if not, then the system installed eclipse's dropins
       folders will be checked.

       Currently jh_compilefeatures do not clean up between builds, which
       means the dependencies for previous builds are present for the current
       build.  Nevertheless, do not rely on this, as this behavior is subject
       to change.

       Note: jh_compilefeatures will not rearrange the build order for you in
       order to do this.

       Note: that jh_compilefeatures will not error out if it cannot find a
       missing dependency. This is due to the underlying builder being unable
       to detect this.


           List the eclipse features to compile and their dependencies. The
           first item on the line is the feature to compile and the following
           items are considered dependencies.

           A dependency can either be a dropins folder or a previous built
           feature.  jh_compilefeatures will find it as long as it is
           installed in the system eclipse's dropins folder or it has just
           been compiled.


           Specifies the directory from where pde-build is to be run. Defauls
           to "debian/.eclipse_build".

           A space separated list of dependencies. These dependencies will be
           used to compile all features passed by command-line. Features read
           from debian/eclipse.features are unaffected by this.

           Pass args to the underlying builder. These options are passed to
           all features built.

           This defaults to "-DjavacTarget=1.5 -DjavacSource=1.5" if not set.
           This can be disabled by passing the empty string.

           Pass args to the JVM. These options are passed to all features

           Specifies where the Orbit dependencies can be found. This is only
           needed if the orbit dir is in an unusual location.

           Use a non-standard pde-build command to compile the features.

           Passes args directly to pde-build. Note, jh_compilefeatures have
           specialised options for some of pde-build options and these should
           be used whenever possible.

           These options are passed to all features built.

           Skip the check of JAVA_HOME. Since the underlying builder uses ant
           (and therefore java), the build should ensure it always uses the
           expected java implementation.

           Use this if you (for whatever reason) need to declare the specific
           java implementation without being able to use JAVA_HOME.

           Note: You still have to tell the underlying builder which java to


       A sample debian/eclipse.features
         org.eclipse.rse.sdk depends on "emf", which is expected to be found
       in eclipse's dropins folder. org.eclipse.rse.sdk on the other hand has
       no dependencies beyond the eclipse platform.

       If needed you can also specify a previously built feature as a

         org.eclipse.another.feature org.eclipse.some.feature rse

       Here org.eclipse.another.feature depends org.eclipse.some.feature,
       which was just built and also rse, which is expected to be in system
       installed eclipse's dropins.



       This program is a part of javahelper and uses debhelper as backend.
       There are also tutorials in /usr/share/doc/javahelper.


       Niels Thykier <>


       Copyright 2010 by Niels Thykier

       This tool is free software; you may redistribute it and/or modify it
       under the terms of GNU GPL 2.