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       JamVM - a Java Virtual Machines


       jamvm [options] class [arg1 arg2 ...]


       -help     print out this message

       -version  print out version number and copyright information

       -cp -classpath
                 <jar/zip  files  and  directories  separated  by :> locations
                 where to find application classes

                 <directories separated by :>  locations  where  to  find  the
                 system classes

                 <directories  separated  by  :> locations are appended to the
                 bootstrap class path

                 <directories separated by :> locations are prepended  to  the
                 bootstrap class path

       -verbose  print out information about class loading, etc.

                 print out results of garbage collection

                 turn off asynchronous garbage collection

                 set a system property

       -ms<size> set the initial size of the heap (default = 1024K)

       -mx<size> set the maximum size of the heap (default = 16M)

       -ss       set  the Java stack size for each thread (default = 64K) size
                 may be followed by K,k or M,m (e.g. 2M)


       JamVM is  a  new  Java  Virtual  Machine  which  conforms  to  the  JVM
       specification  version 2 (blue book).  In comparison to most other VM’s
       (free and commercial) it is extremely small, with a stripped executable
       on  PowerPC  of only ~110K, and Intel 80K.  However, unlike other small
       VMs (e.g. KVM) it is designed to support the  full  specification,  and
       includes  support  for  object  finalisation, the Java Native Interface
       (JNI) and the Reflection API.


       This manual page was written by Michael  Koch  <>,  for
       the Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others).