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       jack_meter - Console based Digital Peak Meter for JACK


       jack_meter  [  -f  freqency  ]  [  -r  ref-level ] [ -w width ] [-n ] [
       <port>, ... ]
       jack_meter -h


       jack_meter is a basic console based DPM (Digital Peak Meter).  I  wrote
       it for quickly checking remote signal levels, without having to run X11
       to use a pretty graphical meter such as meterbridge.

       The port parameter is optional - when missing then you have to  connect
       up  the  meter  to  an  input  port manually.  If more than one port is
       specified then the inputs are mixed.


       -f  freqency
              How many times per second to refresh the meter. Default is 8.

       -r  ref-level
              The reference signal level for 0dB on the meter.

       -w  width
              The width of the meter (number of characters).  The  default  is
              79, one less than the typical terminal width.  -n
              Outputs  meter  level  as  a number in decibels instead of a bar
              graph display.



       Nicholas J. Humfrey <>