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       jack.udp - JACK UDP Transport Client


       jack.udp [options] send|recv


       -b     Set the ring buffer size in frames (default=4096).

       -c     Set  the  number  of  channels, and therefore the number of JACK
              ports (default=2).

       -p     Set the port number (default=57120).

       -r     The   remote   host    name,    for    use    in    send    mode


       jack.udp  is  a  UDP audio transport mechansim for JACK.  The send mode
       reads signals from a set of JACK input ports and sends UDP  packets  to
       the  indicated  port  at the indicated host at a rate determined by the
       local JACK daemon.   The  recv  mode  reads  incoming  packets  at  the
       indicated  port  and  writes  the incoming data to a set of JACK output
       ports at a rate that is determined by the local JACK daemon.

       This transport mechanism is unreliable.  Both  send  and  recv  clients
       will  report buffer overflow and underflow occurences, and recv clients
       will report dropped and out-of-order packets, and shutdown  on  channel
       mismatch  packets.   In  practice  this  mechanism  can  be made highly
       reliable over local networks.

       jack.udp implements no connection logic, use  instead.

EXAMPLE$ jack.udp -r send$ jack.udp recv




       Rohan Drape.