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       jack.ctl - JACK Session Manager


       jack.ctl [start|stop|restart]


       jack.ctl  is  a  simple  JACK  session manager.  It reads configuration
       information from a system wide and a user specific  configuration  file
       and  manages sessions involving the JACK daemon proper and optionally a
       set of secondary jack daemons.

       The configuration is a list of assignments of the form  variable=value.
       The  variables  jackd  and driver must be assigned.  These set the JACK
       daemon to run, normally either jackd(1) or jackstart(1), and the driver
       to use, normally alsa.

       If  the variable jackh is assigned it names a set of secondary daemons,
       normally and jack.clock(1), which are managed together
       with  the  JACK  daemon  proper.  The secondary daemons are started one
       second after jackd, in the background, and with no arguments.  To  name
       more  than  one  daemon  the  list must be quoted using ordinary double

       All other variables are optional and are named identically to the  long
       forms of the options to jackd(1) and have the meanings descibed in that
       manual page.






       Steve Harris, Rohan Drape.