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       isoqlog - multi-MTA log file analyzer


       isoqlog [-f alternate.conf]


       Isoqlog  is  an MTA log analysis program written in C. It’s designed to
       read  qmail,  postfix,  sendmail,  exim  logfiles  and  produce   usage
       statistics  in  HTML  format,  for  viewing  through  a web browser. It
       produces Top domains output  according  to  Incoming,  Outgoing,  total
       mails  and  bytes, and shows your main domain mail statistics with Days
       Top Domain, Top Users per day, per month, and year.


       -f alternate.conf
              Use an alternate configuration file. Default If no  options  are
              specified  on  the  command-line  then the default configuration
              file /etc/isoqlog/isoqlog.conf will be used.

       -v     output version information and exit


       isoqlog was created  by  Atilim  Boy  <>,  Baris  Simsek
       <>,   Ismail  Yenigul  <>,  Murat
       Balaban     <>,     and     Omer      Faruk      Sen

       This manual page was written by Joshua Kwan <> for
       the Debian system. It can be used freely in the public domain.


       exim(8), postfix(8), sendmail(8)