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       irmp3 - sends orders to the irmp3d daemon


       irmp3 [option] [command ; command... ]


       This  programm  will try to guess the best communication method to your
       irmp3 daemon and send commands to it via this method
       It can read from stdin from a file, or from the command line,  and  can
       send  the  orders  eeither through a named pipe or a network connection
       depending on what the daemon provides.


       When invoqued, irmp3 will do it’s best  to  behave  intelligently.  For
       input,  if  multiple possibilities are available, it will take only one
       in the following order :

       file given as a -f option

       arguments on the command line

       standard input

       for output, it will use the options given on the command line,  in  the
       command  line  order, filling missing fields as much as possible. If no
       command line output parameters are given, it will try the following

       if fifo_enabled is set in the irmp3d config file, it will  look  for  a
       fifo in the fifo_directory, with the pattern fifo_name

       if mod_netctl is enabled, it will attempt to connect to localhost using
       port netctl_port


       -n, --network[=<Host>:[port]]
              will only try network connection, if no host  is  specified,  it
              will  try  localhost, if no port is specified, irmp3 will try to
              guess it from the config file

       -p, --pipe[=<Pipename>]
              will only try connection through a pipe, will try to  guess  the
              name  from the config file if nothing is specified if nothing is

       -f, --file[=<Filename>]
              Will read the commands from the given file

       -c, --config=[<Filename>]
              the irmp3d config file from which default values will  be  read.
              defaults to /etc/irmp3d.conf

       -v, --verbose
              More  verbose  output, will tell the connection attempts and the
              orders sent.  you can specify it multiple time to have even more

       -?, --help, --usage
              Output help information and exit.

       -V, --version
              Output version information and exit.



              the  config  file will be used to try to find the irmp3d daemon.
              If the daemon uses fifo, it will try to connect through a  fifo,
              if it uses mod_netctl, it will try to guess the port etc...


       To  send  a  stop  order  (leaving irmp3 guess the proper communication
       method), simply type

       irmp3 stop

       to send order contained in a file  to  an  irmp3d  on  another  machine
       through a network

       irmp3 -n target_machine:target_port -f command_file

       To give orders from standard input, through a pipe

       irmp3 -p my_pipe


       Jeremy Rosen <>


       irmp3conf(1), irmp3d(8), irmp3d(7), irmp3d.conf(5)