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       ipetoipe - Convert between Ipe file formats


       ipetoipe ( -pdf | -eps | -xml ) { options } input-file [ output-file ]


       ipetoipe converts between the three Ipe file formats XML, PDF, and EPS.
       Options are:

       -pdf   convert to PDF format

       -eps   convert to EPS (encapsulated Postscript) format

       -xml   convert to XML format

              do not include Ipe markup in the output file.
              Warning: this means that Ipe  will  not  be  able  to  read  the
              resulting output file.

       -pages from-to
              restrict exporting to PDF to this page range.  This implies  the
              -export option.

       -view page-view
              only export this single view from the  document.   This  implies
              the -export option.

              create  a Postscript/PDF page only for the last view of each Ipe
              page.  This is for instance convenient for making  handouts  for
              slides used in a presentation.

              run  Latex even for XML output. This has the effect of including
              the dimensions of each text object in the XML file.

              do not use any color commands in  Postscript  output.   This  is
              useful  if  you are preparing a manuscript for publication where
              the publisher checks that the figures are grayscale only.   Note
              that  this  option  doesn’t  actually  verify  that  the  figure
              contains no color (a figure  using  color  processed  with  this
              option will cause a Postscript error when displayed).

       -nozip do not compress streams in PDF or Postscript output.

              update  all  style  sheets  in  the document from external style
              sheet files in the current directory.  The external file’s  name
              must  match  the  name of the style sheet and have the extension


       ipetoipe respects the following environment variables:

              the directory where ipetoipe runs Pdflatex.

              set this to 1 for debugging output.


       Otfried Cheong


       Please report bugs using Ipe bugzilla at


       Ipe is documented fully in The Ipe Manual, which is available online at .

                                 June 27, 2009