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       iok- Indic Onscreen Keyboard


       iok [-a] [-h] [-n LANGCODE]


            Indic  Onscreen  Keyboard  currently shows Inscript keymaps for 13
       Indian languages. The languages are Assamese, Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi,
       Kannada,  Maithili,  Marathi, Malayalam, Punjabi, Oriya, Sindhi, Tamil,

            Using drop down menu you can select any of above supported  Indian
       language.Drop  down  menu listing depends on available inscript keymaps
       at location /usr/share/m17n/. You can then start directly  clicking  on
       keys  appearing  in iok graphical interface.  It will not only show you
       characters for English keys  on  your  QWERTY  keyboard  from  selected
       inscript  keymap  but  also  allows  you  to  send  those characters to
       currently active window.

       To see menus and combo box in iok UI, use "iok -a" command.   To  start
       iok  in  any  indic language use "iok -n <LANGCODE>" e.g. for Hindi use
       "iok -n hi".

       This  project   is   available   at   or


       -a     It shows the menus and combo box in iok UI

       -h     It show the help

       -n LANGCODE
              In  the place of LANGCODE to specify a particular language code.
              Shows IOK UI for that particular language.


       Suji A <> , Parag <>

                               February 9, 2010