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       install-menu  - Process a menu method and generate the menu files for a
       window manager or a menu-aware application.


       update-menus(1) computes the list of menu entries and passes it in turn
       to  the  menu methods in /etc/menu-methods/. The task of a menu methods
       is to generate menus  for  a  specific  window  manager.   install-menu
       provides  a  generic and customizable way to do that. The documentation
       of the install-menu definition language is available in the Debian Menu
       manual, a local copy being available in /usr/share/doc/menu/html.


       install-menu [-vh] [--remove] <menu-method>

       Read  menu  entries  from  stdin  in  update-menus  --stdout format and
       generate menu files using the specified menu-method.

       Normally used in menu method scripts as #! /usr/bin/install-menu.


              Show the help message and exit.

              Remove the menu files instead of generating them.

              Output messages about what the program is doing.


       install-menu is distributed under the term of the  GNU  General  Public
       License version 2, or (at your option) any later version.


       Written  by  Joost  Witteveen  <>.  Now maintained by
       Bill Allombert <>.


       update-menus(1), menufile(5), /usr/share/doc/menu/html