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       inspect - Boost code inspection tool


       inspect [-cvs] [-text] [-brief] [options...]


       It is not uncommon for various common errors or guideline violations to
       creep into the Boost libraries. The inspect program detects and reports
       several  common  problems.  It  can  be  used  to scan a proposed Boost
       submission to identify various failures.

       The program is run in the directory to  be  scanned  for  errors.  Sub-
       directories are also included in the scan.

       If  the  first  program argument is -cvs, only files and directories in
       the CVS tree of the current directory are scanned. Otherwise all  files
       and sub-directories are included in the scan.











              The  default is to have all checks on; otherwise options specify
              desired checks.


       The  full  documentation  for  inspect  is  maintained  in  HTML;   see