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       ink  - a command line tool for checking the ink level of your printers.


       ink -p usb|parport [-n <portnumber>] [-t <threshold>]

       ink -d </path/to/device>

       ink -p bjnp

       ink -b bjnp://<hostname or ip address>


       ink is a command line tool for checking the ink level of your printers.

       Printers  connected via parallel port and USB port are supported. Canon
       BJNP network printers are supported too.

       ink makes use of libinklevel.


       -p usb|parport
              Probe usb or parallel port.

       -n <portnumber>
              Number of the port to probe (/dev/usb/lpX or /dev/parportX).

       -t <threshold>
              Only display ink levels less than or equal to threshold.

       -d </path/to/device>
              Probe the printer belonging to the  specified  device  node.  On
              Linux  systems  only USB device nodes are supported this way. On
              Solaris systems parallel port ones are supported too.

       -p bjnp
              Probe the first Canon BJNP printer found.

       -b bjnp://<hostname or ip address>
              Probe the Canon BJNP printer at the specified location.


       /dev/usb/lpX and /dev/parportX and /dev/lpX
              Devices used to read ink level.  Ink NEEDS read and write access
              to these devices.


       This  manual  page  was  originally written by Adam Cecile <gandalf@le-> for the Debian system (but may be used  by  others).  It  has
       been  updated by Markus Heinz <> to reflect
       new features of recent ink versions.  Permission is  granted  to  copy,
       distribute  and/or  modify  this  document  under  the terms of the GNU
       General Public License, Version 2 or any later version published by the
       Free  Software Foundation.  On Debian systems, the complete text of the
       GNU  General  Public  License  can  be  found   in   /usr/share/common-



       Supported devices list: