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       inform  -  compile  Inform interactive fiction story files to Z-machine


       inform [options...] infile [outfile]


       inform compiles an Inform  version  6  story  file  (usually  with  the
       extension .inf) into Z-machine bytecode which can then be executed by a
       variety  of  Z-machine  emulators.  If  the  output  filename  is   not
       explicitly  given  on the command line, it will be constructed from the
       input filename.

       inform’s mode of operation can be controlled  with  switches  (one-  or
       two-character expressions preceded by a dash), path modifiers (starting
       with a plus sign) and memory strategy modifiers (starting with a dollar

       -a     trace assembly-language (without hex dumps; see -t)

       -c     more concise error messages

       -d     contract double spaces after full stops in text

       -d2    contract double spaces after exclamation and question marks, too

       -e     economy mode (slower): make use of declared abbreviations

       -f     frequencies mode: show how useful abbreviations are

       -g     traces calls to functions (except in the library)

       -g2    traces calls to all functions

       -h, -h1, -h2
              print usage information

       -i     ignore default switches set within the file

       -j     list objects as constructed

       -k     output Infix debugging information to "gameinfo.dbg" (and switch
              -D on)

       -l     list every statement run through Inform

       -m     say how much memory has been allocated

       -n     print numbers of properties, attributes and actions

       -o     print offset addresses

       -p     give percentage breakdown of story file

       -q     keep quiet about obsolete usages

       -r     record all the text to "gametext.txt"

       -s     give statistics

       -t     trace assembly-language (with full hex dumps; see -a)

       -u     work out most useful abbreviations (very very slowly)

       -vn    compile  to  a  specific  Z-code  version;  the  default  is  5.
              Available versions are:

              3      version-3 ("Standard") story file

              4      version-4 ("Plus") story file

              5      version-5 ("Advanced") story file

              6      version-6 (graphical) story file

              8      version-8 (expanded "Advanced") story file

       -w     disable warning messages

       -x     print # for every 100 lines compiled

       -y     trace linking system

       -z     print memory map of the Z-machine

       -B     use big memory model (for large version-6/version-7 files)

       -Cn    select text character set (defaults to 1):

              0      plain ASCII only

              1      ISO 8859-1 (Latin1)

              2      ISO 8859-2 (Latin2)

              3      ISO 8859-3 (Latin3)

              4      ISO 8859-4 (Latin4)

              5      ISO 8859-5 (Cyrillic)

              6      ISO 8859-6 (Arabic)

              7      ISO 8859-7 (Greek)

              8      ISO 8859-8 (Hebrew)

              9      ISO 8859-9 (Latin5)

       -D     insert "Constant DEBUG;" automatically

       -En    select error message style (default is Archimedes):

              0      Archimedes-style error messages

              1      Microsoft-style error messages

              2      Macintosh MPW-style error messages

       -F1    use temporary files to reduce memory consumption

       -G     compile a Glulx game file

       -H     use Huffman encoding to compress Glulx strings

       -M     compile as a Module for future linking

       -S     compile strict error-checking at run-time (on by default)

       -U     insert "Constant USE_MODULES;" automatically

       -Wn    header extension table is at least n words (n = 3 to 99)

       -X     compile with INFIX debugging facilities present

       +dir   set Include_Path to this directory

              change PATH to this directory

       Note: it may be necessary to quote these  parameters  to  prevent  your
       shell from expanding them.

       $small adjust memory settings to a small game

       $large adjust memory settings to a large game

       $huge  adjust memory settings to a huge game (default)

       $list  list current memory allocation settings

              explain  memory  setting  parameter  (see  $list  for  available

              manually set parameter


       zcode-interpreter(6) and the manuals  and  language  reference  in  the
       inform-docs    package,   which   can   also   be   found   online   at


       This manpage was written by Jan Nordholz <>
       for the Debian distribution.