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       img_stat - Display details of an image file


       img_stat [-i imgtype] [-b dev_sector_size] [-tvV] image [images]


       img_stat  displays  the  details  associated  with  an image file.  The
       output of this command is image format specific.   At  a  minimum,  the
       size  will  be  given and the byte range of each file will be given for
       split image formats.


       -i imgtype
              Identify the type of image file, such as raw or split.  Use  ’-i
              list’  to  list the supported types. If not given, autodetection
              methods are used.

       -b dev_sector_size
              The size, in bytes, of the underlying device  sectors.   If  not
              given,  the  value in the image format is used (if it exists) or
              512-bytes is assumed.

       -t     Print the image type only.

       -v     Verbose output of debugging statements to stderr

       -V     Display version

       image [images]
              One (or more if split) disk or partition images whose format  is
              given with ’-i’.


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