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       imgseek - Image manager with content-based query




       This manual page documents briefly the imgseek command.

       imgSeek  is  a  GNU/Linux photo collection manager capable of searching
       through an image database, in which the query is expressed either as  a
       rough  sketch painted by the user or as another image you supply (or an
       image  in  your  collection)  The  searching  algorithm  makes  use  of
       multiresolution  wavelet  decompositions  of  the  query  and  database

       You simply draw a rough sketch of what you want  to  find  and  imgSeek
       displays  for  you  a  thumbnail  view  of the best matches.  Automatic
       thumbnail generation and caching. Using this standard,  which  is  also
       used  by  Gimp, N autilus/Gnome, Rox Desktop, gThumb and others.  Query
       images similar to one in your collection  by  double-clicking  on  it’s
       thumbnail.    Group   your   photos   by   similarity.   Edit  metadata
       (description, camera, lens, etc) for every image, and use them  on  the
       HTML album s generated or for searching photos. EXIF data found on JPEG
       files are automatically imported.

       Slideshow for a given directory, whole collection or for a chosen group
       of  similar  images.  Generate HTML albums for the entire collection, a
       given directory or similarity  group  Advanced  keyword  searching  for
       metadata.   Organize  and browse pictures in groups with an easy drag &
       drop interface.  Support for multiple  volumes  of  pictures.  You  may
       assign  all images on a CD to a given Volume Supported file formats are
       jpg, gif, bmp, png, xbm, and pnm Add images  to  the  database  from  a
       directory  recursively.   User  friendly interface that remembers typed
       queries and drawn sketches for later usage.  Browse images by thumbnail
       and view them on a preview window.


       This    manual   page   was   put   together   from   Steffen   Neumann
       (sneumann|at|TechFak.Uni-Bielefeld.DE)  from  the  original  README  by
       Ricardo Niederberger Cabral (nieder|at|

                                 Apr 27, 2003