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       image_to_j2k - convert a PNM, PGM, PPM, PGX or BMP into a J2K or JP2



       image_to_j2k converts an image into a JPEG 2000-encoded image


       -ImgDir sourcedir
           Directory of PGM, PPM, PNM, PGX or BMP files to convert

       -OutFor extension
           J2K or JP2 output file format

       -i source
           PNM, PGM or PPM file to convert

       -o destination
           J2K or JP2 file to output to

       -h  Display help information

       -cinema2k fps
           Digital Cinema 2K profile compliant codestream for 2K resolution.
           24 or 48 fps.

       -cinema4k [fps]
           Digital Cinema 4K profile compliant codestream for 4K resolution.
           fps default is 24

       -r ratios
           compression factor for successive layers, comma seperated

       -q psnr
           psnr for successive layers, comma seperated

       -n rescount
           number of resolutions

       -b blocksize
           width and height of code block, comma-seperated

       -c precintsize
           width and height of precinct, comma-seperated

       -t tilesize
           width and height of tile, comma-seperated

       -p progression
           progression order, one of LRCP, RLCP, RPCL, PCRL, CPRL

       -s subsampling
           subsampling factor in X and Y, comma-seperated. Values larger than
           2 can produce errors

       -POC orders
           progression order change

           write SOP marker before each packet

           write EPH marker after each header packet

       -M modeflags
           Sum of the values of the modes, as follows:

           1. BYPASS (LAZY)
           2. RESET
           4. RESTART (TERMALL)
           8. VSC
           16. ERTERM (SEGTERM)
           32. SEGMARK (SEGSYM)
       -x indexfile
           create an index file

           quantization indices upshifted for component c between 0 and 2
           inclusive with an upshift of U between 0 and 37 inclusive

       -d imageoffset
           X and Y offset of the origin of the image, comma-seperated

       -T tileoffset
           X and Y offset of the origin of the tiles, comma-seperated

       -I  use the irreversible DWT 9-7


       ratios: 20,10,1  Quality 1: compress 20x; Quality 2: compress 10x;
       Quality 3: lossless compression

       psnr: 30,40,50

       quantize: c=0,U=25

       orders: T1=0,0,1,5,3,CPRL  Title 1: Resolution 0 start, component 0
       start, layer 1 end, resolution 5 end, component 3 end, CPRL progression


       Written by Paul Hampson <> based on the output of
       image_to_j2k -h as part of the Debian packaging of OpenJPEG


       Copyright 2007 Paul Hampson


       j2k_to_image(1), <>