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     ikec - Internet Key Exchange Connect


     ikec [-r name] [-u username] [-p password] [-a]


     The ikec Qt GUI application provides a simple interface for users to
     interact with iked(8) ( Shrew Soft IKE Daemon ). This interface allows a
     user to control an IPsec VPN Client connection with a remote gateway. The
     parameters used for the connection are described in a Site Configuration
     file. For more information about managing Site Configuration files,
     please see the ikea(1) man page. Please note, the ikec application is not
     typically started directly by a user but as a sub-process of the ikea(1)
     Qt GUI application.

     The options are as follows:

     -r name     Specify the Site Configuration name.

     -u username
                 Specify the Xauth username for the connection.

     -p password
                 Specify the Xauth password for the connection.

     -a          Automatically initiate the connection.


     The command exits with 0 on success, and non-zero on errors.


     ikea(1), iked(8),


     The ikec program was written by Matthew Grooms ( ) as
     part of the Shrew Soft ( ) family of IPsec products.