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Built-in iSight firmware export

       ift-export export a Built-in iSight firmware produced by ift-extract
       and convert it to Intel HEX file. Note that Apple Built-in iSight seems
       to have extende on-chip memory. This case is not handled by fxload and
       thus, not allowing to load the Intel HEX file into the chip. Use ift-
       load to load directly the binary firmware on-chip.

       * Menu:

       Command line options: see "Options"

       See also "Copying"

       1 Command line options-i’ ‘--input-firmware’ Driver filename to export to Intel HEX file.

       ‘-o’ ‘--output’ The output  Intel HEX filename.

       ‘-?’  ‘--help’ Shows option help and quit.

       2 Copying

       isight-firmware-tools is a project developped by Étienne Bersac based
       on the work of Ronald S. Bultje, Johannes Berg and Ivan N. Zlatev.

       This manual has been written by Étienne Bersac.

       Copyright (C) 2007 Étienne Bersac