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       idjc - Be a DJ on the internet.


       idjc  [-vh] [-p profile] [-j jackserver] [-m microphone] [-a auxiliary]
       [-t voipmode] [-s serverstart]


       idjc launches a graphical shoutcast/icecast client that runs under GTK+
       and  the  JACK audio connection kit. It's an Internet radio application
       for making live radio shows and or podcasts. Features include two  main
       media  players  with  a crossfader, a jingles player, microphone signal
       processing (compressor, noise gate), IRC track  announcements  with  X-
       Chat,  automatic  stream  start  and shut-off, simultaneous mp3 and Ogg
       streaming to multiple servers at differing bit  and  sample  rates,  an
       extra  input  for  connecting  external JACK aware applications, a VOIP
       integration feature, audio level meters, and a dual recording facility.


       -v     Output version information and exit.

       -h     Display a brief help message and exit.

       -p profile
              The  user  profile  that  idjc  is  to  be run with. A different
              profile means a different  set  of  user  settings.  Useful  for
              people  who  want  to  DJ for different stations or just want to

       -j jackserver
              To choose which JACK server to connect to. Useful  only  if  you
              intend to run more than one JACK server simultaneously, which in
              turn allows you to run more than one instance of idjc  ,  albeit
              with  a  different  profile (see option -p). If the -j option is
              not specified, default will be used.

       -m microphone
              Select which microphone inputs you wish to be active e.g. -m  12
              activates  both  the  left and right microphone inputs and -m 2,
              just the right.

       -a auxiliary
              Select which auxiliary inputs to have open. At  present  only  1
              such input exists.

       -t voipmode
              Select  which  VOIP  mode  to  be using. Modes are 0 = None, 1 =
              Green Phone, 2 = Red Phone.

       -s serverstart
              Select which servers to connect to at startup e.g.  -s  13  will
              try to connect with servers 1 and 3.


       If the ~/.jackdrc file is not present depending on how recent a version
       of jackd you have JACK will either  not  start  automatically  or  will
       start  but  configure  itself  with  a  sample  rate  of 48000 which is
       suboptimal for streaming CD audio. It is recommended to create  such  a
       file by this method within a console.

       $ echo "/usr/bin/jackd -d alsa -r 44100 -p 2048" > ~/.jackdrc

       If  you  prefer  to  start the JACK sound server manually you can so so
       like this.

       $ jackd -d alsa -r 44100 -p 2048

       Refer to jackd(1) for further details.

       idjc takes account of the LANG environment variable  and  has  language
       translations  for en_GB, en_US, and de_DE.  Type locale -a in a console
       to see which locales are supported on your system.


       jackd(1), idjcctrl(1)