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       icap-client - ICAP Client


       icap-client  [-i  icap_servername] [-p port] [-s service] [-f filename]
       [-o filename] [-d level] [-noreshdr] [-v]


       icap-client is a command line client for the ICAP  protocol.  Its  main
       purpose is to debug the communication to ICAP servers.


       -i icap_servername
              The ICAP server name

       -p port
              The ICAP server port

       -s service
              The service name

       -f filename
              Send  this  file  to the ICAP server.  The default is to send an
              options request

       -o filename
              Save output to this file.  The default is to send to stdout

       -d level
              Send debug level info to stdout

              Do not send reshdr headers

       -v     Print response headers


       This manual page was written by Jochen Friedrich <>, for
       the Debian GNU/Linux system.