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       ica - iTALC Client Application


       ica [options]
       ica [options] [command]


       ICA  is  the  software which needs to run on clients in order to access
       them using iTALC master application. It provides  a  VNC-server  and  a
       service-daemon  which is neccessary for taking control over the client.


       -role role

              Set role under which  ICA  should  run  where  role  has  to  be
              "teacher",  "admin", "supporter" or "other". This is mainly used
              in combination with the -createkeypair option.

       -ivsport port

              Set port at which the iTALC-VNC-server should  listen.  Default:

       -isdport port

              Set  port  at  which  the  iTALC-service-daemon  should  listen.
              Default: 5800


              Do not use  the  MIT-SHM  extension  for  the  polling.   Remote
              displays  can  be polled this way: be careful this can use large
              amounts of network bandwidth.  This is also of use if the  local
              machine has a limited number of shm segments and -onetile is not


              Do not use the new copy_tiles() framebuffer mechanism, just  use
              1 shm tile for polling.  Limits shm segments used to 3.

       -createkeypair [private-key-file] [public-key-file]

              Create  a  new  key  pair  for authentication between master and
              client. Until specified with -role the key-pair will be  created
              for  role  "other".  The  keys  either will be saved under given
              file-names or the default ones according to  the  selected  role
              (/etc/italc/keys/private/<role>/key                          and




       iTALC was written by Tobias Doerffel. See AUTHORS for details.

       This manual page was written by Tobias  Doerffel  <tobydox  /at/  users
       /dot/  sf  /dot/  net>,  for  the  Debian  project  (but may be used by

                                April 30, 2007