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       ibid-pb-client - RPC Client for Ibid


       ibid-pb-client [options...]  message message
       ibid-pb-client [options...]  plugin feature method [parameter...]
       ibid-pb-client -h


       This  utility is for passing events to a running Ibid bot, or executing
       RPC-exposed functions remotely.

       It communicates with the pb source on the Ibid.

       message is a text message as could be sent to the bot by an IM  source.
       The message is processed normally by the bot.

       feature  is the name of the feature to invoke exposed method method on,
       directly.  parameters are passed directly to the method.  They  can  be
       specified  positionally  or  by  key,  using the same syntax as Python:
       key=value.  They may be encoded in JSON, if not valid JSON they will be
       treated as strings.

       The output is a JSON-encoded response.


       -s HOSTNAME, --server=SERVER
              Connect to the Ibid running on SERVER, by default it connects to

       -p FILE, --port=PORT
              Connect to the pb source running on port PORT, by default  8789.

       -h, --help
              Show a help message and exit.